Tiger brand rice noodles

Tiger brand rice noodles

Made fresh every day. Stays fresh for days.

Known all over Asia and throughout the rest of the world, rice noodle dishes are best prepared with fresh noodles. All our Tiger brand rice noodle varieties are made fresh every day, from carefully sourced, high quality rice from Thailand. Be it wide or thin rice noodles, vermicelli or noodle rolls, all our products are enjoyed daily by people in Thailand and abroad. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you’re interested.

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Flat Rice Noodle

Wide Rice Noodle

Rice Vermicelli

Thin Rice Noodle

Pad Thai

Noodle Rolls

Noodle Sheet

Carefully selected recipe

Our recipe and production process has been perfected over the years to ensure a tasty and healthy product that will keeps its freshness for a prolonged amount of time, without the need of adding artificial preservatives. Our raw materials are carefully selected to make sure that we can deliver the quality that Tiger brand noodles is known for.

A trustworthy supplier

Based in Hatyai, we supply our product all over the south of Thailand, neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore. Every noodle in our product line up is made fresh and shipped daily. Our assortment includes all different types of fresh rice noodles, from flat rice noodles, popular in stir-fried dishes, to thin noodles, a necessary ingredient for a bowl of boat noodles.

Carefully selected recipe


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